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Real Estate has now become big enough a market to invest in just like the stock trade. Some people are finding the potential to invest in properties other than what they own. Some brokers and agents also handle investment in properties.

With the availability of open finance in the market, readily availability of loans the numbers of players is increasing. When a person has decided in making some property investment he usually does it with the intention of making a good home.

A another category of real estate investors include those who wish to have a happy home but also wish to cash on the investment on another property.

Some indulge in investment for short term basis-these are agents or businessman who want to hire/lease property and keep it in motion in the market. Such a property could be a rented flat or an office space to be used for short period. 
Properties to be invested in usually are tapped in prime locations so that the investor gets a good price for it repeatedly. The investor can sell off the property if he feels the area is no longer attractive or if the property itself is of no appeal.

This usually happens when the winds of change make one make hard decisions. Every five to ten years it is prudent to check the feasibility of keeping a property- commercial or residential. One can always move on after selling it at a time when still buyers can be found for it.....more about property loans


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