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People look at property to rent for various reasons. Depending on the priorities, it becomes easier for one to decide what property to rent- residential or commercial. Every city has prime properties, which fetch a premium. If one is looking at rental for business purposes, a good address helps to get more business.
In Indian metro cities, some couples look for rentals while they are working. Eventually they want to invest in their own home. However, in cities like Mumbai and Delhi where travel takes up a lot of time a rental place next to workplace is advisable. Real estate rentals are also a great hit with young people who work together or study together. They usually look at cheap rentals to keep more pocket money.
Rentals of commercial properties are also available. Depending on the area, location and nature of work one can easily find out the property to rent. 
People rent property for investment. Agents, brokers and opportunists who try to make a big buck when they find a party willing to pay a good price for the rental normally does these. It is more of a business proposition to remain afloat in the market.
A new category for property rental nowadays is homes with office space. This helps individuals, professionals, and those who are starting out to develop their careers with least spend on hire/lease, payments for staff extra and maintenance of office furniture.

Renting property for other purposes : Some brokers make good money they rent properties for short periods. Usually they sub-let for short term purposes For example when someone is recruiting people and needs an office for a month or so a broker comes handy.  Here too, agreements have to be made to clear all problems. Sometimes families form abroad come and wish to rent a home or farmhouse for short period pf three months or so.  They usually prefer service flats, which have all facilities and are better than five star hotels. Sometimes people come on business trips and prefer renting out property for a short term. Most agents and brokers prefer 11-month properties but sometimes when they get good clients, they do hire it out for short periods also.

Even foreigners rent out vacation homes and they are a good source of income for brokers. The vacation rentals usually come with transportation like car (also rented). During the stay there can be power failures, or aircon may not work or kitchen gadgets may not function or taps may leak. All these should really be checked before the property is taken. Adjustments can be made at the end of the term of rent.
Every property to rent is for different purposes. There is space for everyone to live in harmony and today it has become much easier than it was earlier.


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