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Mr. Jojo Billimoria started his career in an ad agency. But was always fascinated by buildings and real estate. Fed up with his job he started to assist a friend in selling a commercial building in suburban Mumbai, which has the capacity to have more than 500 offices. To his surprise one deal fetched him a percentage that was so enviable that he decided to chuck his career in the ad agency and start life as a real estate agent. He asked his friend to help in the new career that he picked up. This was about fourteen years ago when real estate was not so much of an industry to reckon with as it is today. Today of course it offers much more job opportunities to youngsters. Back then it was very conservative and difficult to survive in.
Today if someone wishes to make a full time career as a real estate agent or a broker, it is one that gets opportunities. Being registered to the associations in the city helps a lot. It gives a proper license to operate with fewer hassles. As an agent one can make money the hard way by cracking a deal which is beneficial to the buyer and the seller. As the real estate industry is doing quite well agents are as much in demand. Those who have been selling property for a long time tend to get better responses, as they know a lot abut the industry. Sometimes builders appoint agents to canvas for their properties exclusively.

A Parsi lady in Wanowari, Pune deals only for one builder group who sells service flats to foreigners and NRIs. She herself lives in a beautiful one-story bungalow of the same company. And business is good despite she has never got any training for the job. Her personal experience staying in a home built by the developer encourages the others to buy! Real estate agents are known to deal in much more than just buying and selling property. Some have extended their services to helping people get lawyers for doing stamp duty, registration fees and getting consultants dealing in Vastu, Feng Shui, designing, etc as part of their existing portfolio.
True, in India it is very difficult to find a proper and professional real estate agent but with the competition and awareness amongst the buyers, and the knowledge that they themselves have most real estate agents is required to go that extra mile to have an edge. A real estate agent is like a relationship manager with good marketing skills. If he is service oriented and honest he can also build up a team zone wise and get affiliated to right organizations to get the maximum out of his job.



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